Foursquare: A Way to get your Business Known

Recently, we talked about Foursquare and its vast array of uses in my social media class. I do not own a smartphone, so the use of these cool applications, for me, are somewhat limited. Nevertheless, lots of other people that have smartphones, do use these applications, and for that reason, I think that it is a good idea for businesses, or institutions, to try to put themselves on that map.

If someone checks-in to a place of business, their friends, who also have the foursquare application, will be able to see that. Since their friend checked-in, they might do the same. Maybe because their friend recommended it, or the friend might have similar interests. Ultimately, at the end of the day, check-ins can bring more customers to your business.

Additionally, the use of Foursquare can help bring repeat customers to your business. Badges are one of the ways that can assist with this. Since customers can earn certain badges by checking in to a number of places continually, it becomes a status symbol or a game as to who can get the most badges. This can not only help the self-esteem of the customer, it also allows the businesses to make a profit. Badges also create brand loyalty for a business. Essentially, badges can act like a loyalty program that encourages individuals to come to the business by a certain promotion of some kind. This could be a certain percentage off the total bill, or with a check-in, a certain item could be free with purchase, if the customer is loyal to the brand.

Lastly, Foursquare can help get your business known because of tips that customers leave for others to see. Tips can be advantageous for businesses and if customers leave comments for others, it will help promote the good things about that business.

The only thing that I do not really know about Foursquare is if the tips can be critical. I know that for Yelp you can give reviews of the business, but I’m not sure if t is the same for Foursquare. If it’s not, I think that is something that can deter customers away from using the application. People want to have honest feedback about a business, and Yelp does a good job of that.

Foursquare adds a fun factor to spending money, and most of the time customers will get rewarded for it. It will be interesting to see that way that Foursquare changes and develops with the introduction to applications.

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“Breaking Away from the Net”: A Look at the Importance of Socializing with Customers

An article that I read recently, “Brands With Large Followings aren’t Necessarily Sociable,” was posted on PR Daily. It did a good job of clarifying the different categories that brands fit into on social media. I thought that it was interesting because in class we have talked about how brands should interact with customers on these social media sites and that it is essential for growth of a business to interact with customers. Social media for business is essentially a common ground where customers and businesses not only can interact and learn about each other, but they should. 

The article classified two types of brands. They are categorized as “hyperconnectors” and “sociable butterflies.” Hyperconnectors are brands that are only concerned with, “racking up followers,” while sociable butterflies are determined to have “thoughtful interactions” with their followers. I thought that it was very interesting how the authors described the different types of brands. It makes it easier for the reader of the report to classify themselves as a brand into each of the categories. Throughout the rest of the report, they will be able to learn ways of becoming more sociable.

The article also mentioned how, sadly, most brands are hyperconnectors. The writers of the report, Cole and Weber from The Palmerston Group, encourage all brands to become sociable butterflies that “break away from the net” of clutter on social media. The initial report also indicated what brands need to do to become sociable butterflies. It listed four categories, accessibility, caregiving, resource and spark. Underneath those categories are tools to use that help brands become sociable butterflies.

I think that this is such an interesting report because it really goes to show just how important social media is to brands. Especially under the resource section it lists, be in touch, be listening and be quick. These are all things that we have talked about in Emerging and Social Media class and how important it is for brands to make the effort to be all of these things for a customer.  I am excited that I can see how effective it can be to a brand.

These are guidelines for brands, but I think that if seriously considered, brands will be able to break free from the clutter of social media and stand out to customers.  Then they can truly “be the butterfly.”

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Apps That Talk

Recently, as in the other day, we were talking about some interesting online applications in some my classes. One of these apps was Grey Poupon’s “high society” application on Facebook and the other one was called Take This Lollipop, an interactive look at what information is really on your public profile of Facebook.

Mustard and lollipops? Sounds like a great discussion. What was really interesting though, was that both of these apps got the students and professors in my classes talking. Talking about what? How amazing and brilliant these apps are. Additionally, some of the students even tried the apps during class. Others waited  and then proceeded to tweet about it. Others, I’m sure, haven’t even looked at them at all. I actually made my roommates do both of the apps. They were not very enthusiastic about the lollipop one, and they thought the Grey Poupon one was interesting and funny. Nevertheless, these apps have created, or are creating a lot of buzz in the online world.

This whole thing got me wondering, what about these different apps, and also a number of additional apps, got people so excited? What makes them stand out? From what I observed while listening to the discussions was that these apps are:

  • New, exciting and different
  • Nothing has ever been done like them
  • Very interactive, especially Grey Poupon
  • Makes people want to share it with their friends (who wouldn’t want to be a part of a scary mans hidden agenda or be in a special mustard society!)
  • Makes people want to try them over and over again. Whether they were not admitted to Grey Poupon society, or they want to see themselves be the prey of an evil man, people like to be accepted and scared.
  • Most importantly, even if people don’t like them, they will still talk about it

All in all, the word gets out. I can definitely see these types of interactive apps becoming more and more popular. This is something that the public wants and will continue to want until something else new and exciting comes along. For now, all we can do is wait and see what new and interactive app will take the stage next.

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Social Media: Tools for Career Enhancement

Think of what you can accomplish if you have all the tools available and know all the tricks of the trade for social media. I personally think that using all forms of social media will help enhance and benefit a person’s career. Using these different sites can help you reach out to consumers that you would not have thought of reaching out to before. It allows certain brands to focus on the demographics that they are targeting with each specific social media platform.

With all of the technology available to understand the internet and what is being said about a specific brand, such as google analytics, it is a no brainer to have experiences with certain forms of social media.  Just being able to understand somewhat of what the analytics programs can say about a brand, and how to advise companies to either try to change their brand image or stick with the one they have, will give you a jump in the competition. There are so many different aspects that these programs measure, but understanding even a small portion of that goes a long way when it comes to enhancing your career.

Also, combining different platforms can help businesses reach out to more customers. For example, I have seen on Twitter, Starbucks using Instagram for their tweets showing specific products, like their fall classic Pumpkin Spice Latte. This is a very interesting way to reach two sets of customers, the individuals who follow the tweets and also the individuals who are connected to their Instagram photos.

I think that by combining social media together to reach more customers at once, like what Starbucks does, will help you and your clients to really think about what your message is and what you want consumers to think about that message. It allows you to converge all of your social media to the same type of image so that everyone can be on the same page.

Sometimes social media can be tricky. Especially with the new platforms that are being produced every day. Depending on what type of brand you are and which market you are targeting, there are certain social media sites that should be used. It takes a professional who really knows the platforms, and a brand who knows what their image is to really choose sites that will be effective in business.

Nevertheless, knowing all aspects of social media and all of the different platforms out there can really help you establish yourself as a serious social media consultant. Telling companies about different platforms and aiding them in making decisions about which sites to use for their specific brand can help in your career. So I urge you to keep up with old and new social media. Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of each, and how each could be used to help a potential brand launch themselves to the public.

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