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Sharing the Holiday Spirit: NYPD Officer Gives Boots

It’s amazing the type of giving that takes place during the holiday season, and how responsive people are to it. This is quite evident from a recent image that creeped up on social media this past week of a police … Continue reading

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Case Study: Duracell and Holiday Smiles

The holidays are a time for carols and good cheer for many, but for others it is a time for stress and panic. This can be especially true for parents and kids of impoverished families, who sometimes do not have … Continue reading

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Social Media Policy: Nordstrom

With the growing engagement of social media it is almost a requirement for companies to address the social media use of their employees. The structure of the social media policy for NordstromĀ is part of a larger organization wide guideline for … Continue reading

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Pinning for Viral Posts

Over the summer I interned at a small boutique. One of my many jobs was to set up and manage their social media, most specifically Pinterest. My boss had the mentality that just because her store was “on” Pinterest, that … Continue reading

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Voting: Assisted by Social Media

For months United States citizens have been bombarded with political campaign ads putting down or degrading competitors and explaining why that certain someone is the best choice for you and for middle-class America. There have been so much smear campaigns … Continue reading

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Foursquare: A Way to get your Business Known

Recently, we talked about Foursquare and its vast array of uses in my social media class. I do not own a smartphone, so the use of these cool applications, for me, are somewhat limited. Nevertheless, lots of other people that … Continue reading

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“Breaking Away from the Net”: A Look at the Importance of Socializing with Customers

An article that I read recently, “Brands With Large Followings aren’t Necessarily Sociable,” was posted on PR Daily. It did a good job of clarifying the different categories that brands fit into on social media. I thought that it was … Continue reading

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