Sharing the Holiday Spirit: NYPD Officer Gives Boots

It’s amazing the type of giving that takes place during the holiday season, and how responsive people are to it. This is quite evident from a recent image that creeped up on social media this past week of a policePicture 24 officer assisting a homeless man by giving him boots and socks on one cold November night. This image, according to a PR Daily article, has gotten, “more than 500,000 “likes,” nearly 187,000 shares, and tens of thousands of comments.”

Additional news outlets, The New York Times and USA Today covered the story and posted it in their online news sources. All three articles, from PR Daily, The New York Times and USA Today were just published yesterday, November 30, and already they have been liked, shared, tweeted and re-tweeted by individuals. This just goes to show how effective social media can be in getting news out very quickly.

I remember seeing this image on Twitter the other day, and I thought that it was very touching. You don’t see this type of behavior, or it is usually not captured and shared like this one was. This particular image has spread so rapidly over the past two days, I hope this act of kindness from a police officer will model a sense of giving not only during the holiday season, but throughout the months and years to come.


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7 Responses to Sharing the Holiday Spirit: NYPD Officer Gives Boots

  1. 2181lindeng says:

    I love reading about this kind of stuff. This is one of my favorite things regarding social media. Social media is powerful and sometimes it can be negative, but when you see something like this it really has quite an impact. I feel like the news can be so negative at times and it’s rare to see something positive so I think it’s pretty cool how popular this story became and how so many people tweeted or re-tweeted about it. These stories are inspiring and hopefully it will continue to spread.

  2. I saw this on Facebook the other day and before you know it, the picture is on every social media site and even celebrity bloggers are discussing it. I think it’s great that this image is getting so much publicity and that the police officer really had no idea he was being photographed. This picture is great example of social media at its finest and best use.

  3. RayOC says:

    It is kind of sad that when I saw this the other day, I had to disregard the notion that this could have been a hoax of a story or the photo was taken out of content. I think we have been duped by photoshopping and out of context pictures enough in our experience on social media that we start to consume what we come across with a grain of salt. With that being said, I am glad to find out that this is real. Social media, like you said, can spread very quickly. Seeing something like this can motivate others to do good/help others. Just another avenue social media platforms can provide us with – a look into the kinder side of humanity.

  4. Raisa Collazo says:

    It’s interesting how now social media is our number one news source. I feel like news broadcasting has now turned into a summary of the events of the day with maybe more insight as to whats going on. However, it’s social media the main outlet for news now. Journalists have now have to be on Twitter and Facebook to keep their jobs and not being scooped. I can only imagine how tough it must be to report braking news when amateurs like us can do it with the click of a button for the whole world to see. On a different note, I hope as well that kindness will spread as rapidly as braking news does on social media this holiday season.

  5. jbergblog says:

    I have always thought that the news never does a great job at portraying the kindness in the world. I feel that social media has given kindness another chance. At least once a day I see inspirational quotes/ pictures/ or news on Facebook. In reality I feel that social media has given kind acts a second chance of being seen. With over half a million likes it is easy to see that positive news is refreshing and it touches the hearts of many. If more of it was posted I feel that people would think more kindly and positively.

  6. mauraquinn says:

    I think it’s great that stuff like this can go viral due to people simply sharing it. That’s one of my favorite things about social media, before it probably less than half the people that got to share in the moment from social media would have been able to. It’s also nice to see a GOOD moment going viral for a change instead of the generally poor actions or comments that tend to get a lot of attention.

  7. I also saw this on Facebook the other day and that it was being posted by a number of my friends. It shows the different media that can be going viral, anything from videos to images to Tweets. I agree with Maura that it’s nice to see this touching moment going viral, rather than something like the guy behind KONY2012 going psycho in the middle of an intersection.

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