Case Study: Duracell and Holiday Smiles

The holidays are a time for carols and good cheer for many, but for others it is a time for stress and panic. This can be especially true for parents and kids of impoverished families, who sometimes do not have enough time or money to buy gifts.  This year Duracell is trying to relieve some of the stress by teaming up with Hasbro and Toys for Tots to create more “holiday smiles” this season by donating to kids in need.

The breakdown of the campaign is this. Followers on Duracell’s social channels have the opportunity to enter to win the exclusive must have toys for the 2012 Holiday Season, including Duracell batteries. In addition to the toys that are being won from followers, for every entry that is received, Duracell is giving away batteries to Toys for Tots to help power the electronic toy donations.  “It’s a fun, easy way for you to help give back and #PowerSmiles this holiday season!” Through this application on Facebook, followers can enter to win some of the most sought after toys this holiday season.

The campaign is being launched on all of Duacell’s social media channels guiding individuals to their Facebook page where the entering takes place. Duracell created a Facebook event that started on Thanksgiving Day and runs through December 20. The commercial for the campaign is on YouTube and aired on November 21. Additionally, Duracell is sending out tweets on Twitter periodically about the event and what consumers could potentially win, with the hashtag #PowerSmiles.

Duracell is a not a company that you would think had a large following on Facebook and Twitter, but that is the opposite. Duracell has over 30,000 followers on Twitter with just over 1,400 tweets. They seem to tweet 4-5 times per day. They also have over 2 million likes on Facebook with nearly 70,000 people talking about them. They post on Facebook 2-3 times a day. Now, since the campaign has started, I assume that they will post more on all of their social media channels, with the content being toys being used for the promotion. Both Facebook and Twitter have the same consistency with messaging, especially with their profile pictures and photos on the sites:

These stats indicate that Duracell has already made an impression to consumers with social media channels, and they have the potential to reach a number of individuals with their message. I suspect with the incentives and an interactive campaign such as this, they will gain substantially more followers by December 20.

On November 21, Lucy Hale, star from the hit ABC Family television show Pretty LittleLiars, helped Duracell unveil their campaign to 150 kids with toys from the campaign, with batteries included, to a school in New York City that was affected by hurricane Sandy. An article released November 27 mentions that Duracell is looking to, “to power 500,000 smiles for families in need with the help of consumers.”

An additional article mentions the same things as the previous article. In addition, Bill Grein, Vice President of the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation said “… having a toy that’s ready to go with batteries you can trust like Duracell can be so crucial in helping ensure a child’s holiday joy.”

Since the campaign has just started, there is not a lot of data to be analyzed, but as of right now, nearly 1,900 individuals have accepted an invite to the Facebook event. This does not include the individuals who check the page every day for possible toys that they could win and have not responded to the event. Taking those numbers into account, it could very well be that they already have 2,000 people participating in the promotion. If all of these individuals enter every day, that is a lot of batteries that Duracell will be donating.

I think that there is a lot that companies can learn from Duracell. Especially during the holiday season, people are looking to give back to the community in unique ways that may not be donating money or toys, and Duracell came up with the perfect way for people to do that. They have been utilizing Facebook and Twitter effectively to reach their targets with the message they want to get across. Consumers are not just entering to win the “cool” new toys for the holiday season, they are helping other in need with each and every entry. It gives the impression to the nation how people can be focused on their giving, but also the rest of the community for the holiday season.  I just really liked this campaign, and I think that Duracell is doing a great job in what they are promoting. It will be interesting to see the results at the end of the campaign.


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I am currently a senior at Marquette University studying Public Relations with minors in Marketing and Psychology. I've taken numerous classes in Public Relations, Advertising and Marketing disciplines. Additionally, I've had experience working with PitchEngine and Cision.
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