Social Media Policy: Nordstrom

With the growing engagement of social media it is almost a requirement for companies to address the social media use of their employees. The structure of the social media policy for Nordstrom is part of a larger organization wide guideline for employees. It is encompassed in a section entitled, “our policies,” which include privacy policy, returns and exchanges and a number of other smaller, but important things that employees should know about Nordstrom’s.

One aspect of the policy that caught my eye was the focus on being humble. They said in the guidelines, “Our number-one goal is to offer each customer great service, but we’re certainly not perfect and we do make mistakes. Let’s stay focused on working to deliver great service instead of bragging about it.” I think that this is a very interesting point to mention because it shows how they want their customers to view them and that view is to be humble.

Another interesting point they make is they encourage their employees to use social media for Nordstrom, and to search for new opportunities to reach customers. I think that this shows that they are focusing on the innovation and the future of social media, and not just copying the platforms that other stores use to engage with customers.

Most of the language that is used is professional, but some of it is not. They use the word “cool” in a section regarding caution online. With the importance of the content of being cautious, this does not seem as professional to me as it could be. Maybe they are trying to be more relaxed because these guidelines are for social media and not as important as something else. I would think a company with the brand image and as well-known as Nordstrom would make sure that all policies are professional and consistent with the brand image.

Overall, I think that it is a policy that gets the point across about how important social media is for the organization. The only thing that I think needs to be changed is the professional use of language that is used with consistency with their brand image. Just because social media may not be the most important aspect of the company, they still need to show to their employees what it means to be associated with Nordstrom’s and the consistency of the brand image that is held by employees and customers.

Having a social media policy is essential for any company because it lays out how important social media is for a business. Companies need to utilize social media platforms, and sometimes people can be careless with their words and actions. Just like a crisis in traditional forms of media, one comment or post on social media that is insensitive could cause a larger crisis and depletion of equity with consumers if not handled correctly. A social media policy allows protection for not only the business, but for employees and customers as well.


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I am currently a senior at Marquette University studying Public Relations with minors in Marketing and Psychology. I've taken numerous classes in Public Relations, Advertising and Marketing disciplines. Additionally, I've had experience working with PitchEngine and Cision.
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2 Responses to Social Media Policy: Nordstrom

  1. izzicrowley says:

    I also checked out the policy for Nordstrom and think you highlighted some really important aspects. Their policy is a great example of one that works to really maintain a strong brand identity on social media. Their commitment to using social media to improve customer service is something that all brands should really aspire to. It was particularly interesting that the policy expected employees to mix social media and their professional lives. Employees are the most important advocates a brand can have and it really appears that Nordstrom is embracing this idea. By setting standards and having employees use their personal channels to further promote Nordstrom will only extend the impact the brand can have on customer experience and the mind share they have within their market.

  2. jbergman0730 says:

    I love nordstroms and I think they do a great job with customer service, possibly one of the best services offered compared to other department stores. I think their social media policy helps maintain their strong brand identity and they are reiterating through social media about how important their customers are to them. I thought it was interesting that the policy expected employees to mix social media to improve their customer service skills. I am a big nordstroms fan and think they are doing and will continue to do a great job!

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