Pinning for Viral Posts

Over the summer I interned at a small boutique. One of my many jobs was to set up and manage their social media, most specifically Pinterest. My boss had the mentality that just because her store was “on” Pinterest, that would bring tons of people to her site and store to shop the variety of goods that she had. I realized that just because she had content on the site, did not mean an automatic increase in her sales. As I was searching for a topic for this week’s blog, I came across this article on PR Daily.

I wish that I had seen the article over the summer. I struggled every day that I pinned new content with the thought that everyone is not going to see all the merchandise that they have, and how could I change that. It says in the article that a pin goes viral and shows up on the main pinboards after 1,000 pins.  I didn’t know the strategies to use to make sure that people did see it.

In the article, Jessica Turner talks about how to make pins on Pinterest go viral. The lists seven steps:

  1. Write your post as a list
  2. Use text on the photos
  3. Add a “Pin It” button beneath the photo you want to be pinned, and write a smart, searchable tag for the caption
  4. Write a post that is timely
  5. Ask friends who are active on Pinterest to pin your content
  6. Push the post out via social media, multiple times over an appropriate period
  7. Remind people of the posts after the initial “peak” period

These tips will aid in the promotion of the pin to get 1,000 repins or more. We haven’t talked about Pinterest yet in class, so I’m not sure about what other strategies there could be to help make a pin go viral. I think Pinterest is a great way for a company to get their merchandise out there. It gives another avenue for people to see products in a way that could be personable to them. With friends who also have pinboards, I feel like potential customers are more willing to trust a friend on Pinterest, than a post on Facebook. There can be problems with Pinterest and fake posts, but in the long-run, I think if used effectively and honestly, it could help drive a lot of traffic to a company’s website.


About jlswenson

I am currently a senior at Marquette University studying Public Relations with minors in Marketing and Psychology. I've taken numerous classes in Public Relations, Advertising and Marketing disciplines. Additionally, I've had experience working with PitchEngine and Cision.
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2 Responses to Pinning for Viral Posts

  1. What boutique did you intern for over the summer? Also I completely agree that just because a company is “on” Pinterest does not mean there will be an increase in sales. We have discussed this idea quite a few times in class but I think social media can be confusing and companies think they HAVE to be on it. Nonetheless, when it comes down to it, companies have to really question whether or not being on social media or Pinterest for that matter, is going to help business. However, I do think these seven tips are a great place for any company to start!

  2. jbergblog says:

    I have been trying to spread the word about Pinterest to my guy friends. They aren’t to sold on the idea yet. But this post is sweet. The idea of Pinterest is very cool an interesting. The fact that there are trends posted and ideas for homes and weddings is an extremely cool concept. If you want to get your picture noticed this would be the article to read.

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