Country Outfitter: Case Study

Country Outfitter is an online cowboy boot and western apparel store that, according to their Facebook site, “knows country.” This company was started in 2011. Over the past month, they introduced a campaign tactic to drive more customers to their website. They launched this tactic on Instagram called. “Photo a day”. “Photo a day” encouraged participants to take a photo every day of the month. Each day had  to do with a specific category. They were then urged to post and tag the photo on Instagram. Contestants who did this continually during the whole month of October were entered to win a $200 gift card to the country outfitter store on November 1.

A look at their current social media indicates that they are striving to become a social business. Their Instagram following is not strong, only about 10,000 followers.  Assuming that word of the “photo-a-day” contest will get spread, that should bring more followers to their Instagram page.  From a look at their Instagram photos, they seem to post on Instagram every week or so. Depending on the week, I saw one week with two posts and other weeks with just one. Most of the posts are ads of the boots or models wearing the merchandise they carry. Some of the posts were more unique, showing the warehouse where all of the boots are kept. The numbers that indicated that the majority of the posts on Instagram photos got at least 200 likes and most of them had 400 likes or more.

Country Outfitter has over 1,400 followers on Twitter with just over 600 tweets. They seem to tweet at least once every day. Additionally, their Twitter feed shows that they respond to customers tweets and take an interest in what they have to say, whether those are concerns or comments about their merchandise.

Even though they do not have a large  following on Twitter, they seem to make up for that with Facebook fans.  They have over 3.2 million likes on Facebook. They tend to post three to four times a day on Facebook. Additionally, they have boot giveaways on Facebook.

Relatively speaking, this company was just started a year ago, and they already have a good fan base on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. In addition, they also have an account on Pinterest. This analysis of their social media shows just how this company came into the business with a social media aspect in mind. Since the business is only online, they have to do a lot to reach out to current and potential customers. I’d say that they are using social media to the best of their advantage right now, and I have a feeling that they will continue to adapt to the growing changes of social media platforms.

On the blog that is on their website, they talked about how successful the month of October was with this campaign, that they want to introduce it again for the month of November. These are the categories and directions for the month of November. I think that extending the tactic for another month will be beneficial for them to continue to gain more followers on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

The specific campaign post shows how excited Country Outfitter was to launch a tactic like this. They said in the blog, “We’re officially on the Instagram bus here at Country Outfitter and we’re kicking it off with an October Photo-A-Day contest!” This type of speech gets the audience excited about the contest, and I would think, cause lots of word-of-mouth around the social media scene regarding the contest.

The blog post that announced the winner from October said that there were over 35,000 photos for the staff to go through and pick the favorite. This statistic indicates that thousands of people participated in the challenge, and were excited to participate. Since Country Outfitter said that the October challenge was so successful, more are expected to participate in the November challenge.

There is so much to learn from a brand like Country Outfitter. They have kept the engagement with their customers regarding the contests that they hold, either on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or Facebook. They have proven to be well on their way becoming a social business, just from all of the different forms of social media they use. Most importantly, they listen and stay connected with their customers. Engaging in something unique like a photo contest is a fun way of utilizing Instagram to its full potential and getting buzz out there about the brand. It is about having the customers feel valued and creative. I think that this is a perfect opportunity for them. I believe that they will continue to expand their social media usage to creatively and effectively communicate their message and brand to their targets. It will be interesting to see what they come up with next.


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I am currently a senior at Marquette University studying Public Relations with minors in Marketing and Psychology. I've taken numerous classes in Public Relations, Advertising and Marketing disciplines. Additionally, I've had experience working with PitchEngine and Cision.
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11 Responses to Country Outfitter: Case Study

  1. SVA says:

    Their social media campaigns and photography are very good but we are pretty sure they are buying their social media likes and followers…

    • Hey SVA, my name is Stephanie McCratic and I’m on the marketing team at Country Outfitter. While I can’t tell you everything we are doing to market using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other channels, I can tell you we are not buying likes and followers. We do invest in and leverage Facebook ads, and we use a proprietary Facebook giveaway system developed by our team. I hope this is helpful.

  2. I have seen a lot of friends post this contest on Facebook! The company does seem like they are striving to become a social business by integrating all their sites and promoting this contest. Nevertheless, it will be interesting to see what becomes of their “social business” after this contest. I also think it would be REALLY cool if they had the winner of each week pose wearing the boots they won and then promote the next week’s contest– Could help reassure fans that people are actually winning the boots by building some credibility!

  3. jbergman0730 says:

    One of my friends is doing this and posts her pictures on Instagram daily. I think this is such a creative way to engage current customers and get the attention of potential customers.

  4. Jen says:

    I cannot stand their aggressive marketing on facebook. Cant get rid of them. Many of my friends feel the same way. Wish they would go away. They are taking the fun out of facebook.

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