Social Media: Tools for Career Enhancement

Think of what you can accomplish if you have all the tools available and know all the tricks of the trade for social media. I personally think that using all forms of social media will help enhance and benefit a person’s career. Using these different sites can help you reach out to consumers that you would not have thought of reaching out to before. It allows certain brands to focus on the demographics that they are targeting with each specific social media platform.

With all of the technology available to understand the internet and what is being said about a specific brand, such as google analytics, it is a no brainer to have experiences with certain forms of social media.  Just being able to understand somewhat of what the analytics programs can say about a brand, and how to advise companies to either try to change their brand image or stick with the one they have, will give you a jump in the competition. There are so many different aspects that these programs measure, but understanding even a small portion of that goes a long way when it comes to enhancing your career.

Also, combining different platforms can help businesses reach out to more customers. For example, I have seen on Twitter, Starbucks using Instagram for their tweets showing specific products, like their fall classic Pumpkin Spice Latte. This is a very interesting way to reach two sets of customers, the individuals who follow the tweets and also the individuals who are connected to their Instagram photos.

I think that by combining social media together to reach more customers at once, like what Starbucks does, will help you and your clients to really think about what your message is and what you want consumers to think about that message. It allows you to converge all of your social media to the same type of image so that everyone can be on the same page.

Sometimes social media can be tricky. Especially with the new platforms that are being produced every day. Depending on what type of brand you are and which market you are targeting, there are certain social media sites that should be used. It takes a professional who really knows the platforms, and a brand who knows what their image is to really choose sites that will be effective in business.

Nevertheless, knowing all aspects of social media and all of the different platforms out there can really help you establish yourself as a serious social media consultant. Telling companies about different platforms and aiding them in making decisions about which sites to use for their specific brand can help in your career. So I urge you to keep up with old and new social media. Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of each, and how each could be used to help a potential brand launch themselves to the public.


About jlswenson

I am currently a senior at Marquette University studying Public Relations with minors in Marketing and Psychology. I've taken numerous classes in Public Relations, Advertising and Marketing disciplines. Additionally, I've had experience working with PitchEngine and Cision.
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One Response to Social Media: Tools for Career Enhancement

  1. Jordan I really agree with your comment that it takes a professional (with some experience under their belt) to know which social media site is the best to use with a given brand. Like we discussed in class, a tire brand might not necessarily benefit from having a Twitter or Facebook. It really comes down to knowing all different social media portals and which site to use in a given situation.

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